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Guiding Your Guests: How to Check Out of Your Airbnb

Everything you need to know about guiding your guests through the Airbnb checkout process. From setting clear expectations to maintaining good communication, we've got you covered.


By Karolyn Hutson

Published on June 19, 2023

As an Airbnb host, guiding guests through checkout can sometimes be challenging. We’ll walk you through how to effectively communicate the ins and outs of checking out from your Airbnb, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free end to your guests’ stay.

Check Out Procedures

Communicating the checkout procedures is crucial for a seamless Airbnb experience. It’s not just about ensuring your guests leave the property but also about setting certain guidelines to ensure the place is in good condition for the next guest.

Understanding Checkout Time

Checkout time is a crucial part of your Airbnb hosting. It’s about respect for your schedule and ensuring that the property can be cleaned and prepared for the next guest. Remember, you may have back-to-back bookings, so communicating the checkout time is essential.

Handling Bedding and Linens

Expectation of a clean Airbnb property at checkout
Expectation of a clean Airbnb property at checkout

When it comes to bedding and linens, different hosts may have different expectations. Some might ask guests to strip the beds and leave the linens in a specific place, while others might prefer to handle this themselves. Always make these expectations clear in your house manual or the checkout instructions.

Dealing with Dishes and Trash

Before your guests leave, make sure they know to clean up after themselves. This includes dealing with any dishes they’ve used and taking out the trash. Not only is this a common courtesy, but it also helps maintain the property’s cleanliness and hygiene.

Property Access and Security

Ensuring the property’s security is every Airbnb host’s key responsibility. This includes handling keys responsibly and understanding how to use any security systems in place.

Key Return Process

Communicating the key return process is an important part of the checkout process. Whether leaving them in a lockbox or handing them over to you in person, make sure your guests know what’s expected of them. Remember, losing keys can lead to security risks and potential costs for replacement.

Smartlock System

If your Airbnb property uses a smart lock system, make sure your guests understand how it works. This might include entering a code to lock the door or using an app on their phone. Always ensure your guests know how to secure the property when they leave.

Key Aspects of Airbnb Checkout

There are a few key aspects that every Airbnb host should communicate to their guests when checking out. These include turning off lights and AC, securing windows and doors, and leaving the property clean and tidy.

Turning Off Lights and AC

Before guests leave, ensure they know to turn off all lights and the air conditioning. This is a courtesy to you as a host and an important step in conserving energy.

Securing Windows and Doors

As part of your checkout instructions, ensure your guests know to close and lock all windows and doors. This helps to maintain the security of the property after they leave.

Communication and Courtesy

Good communication and courtesy go a long way in ensuring a positive Airbnb experience. This includes sending checkout instructions, saying goodbye, and requesting a review from your guests.

Sending Checkout Instructions

As a host, it’s important to send clear and timely checkout instructions to your guests. This can be done via the Airbnb app or through direct communication. Providing this information in advance helps guests to plan their departures and ensures they know what is expected of them.

Saying Goodbye

A simple goodbye message can add a personal touch to the end of your guest’s stay. This could be a note thanking them for their stay, wishing them safe travels, or inviting them to stay again. These small gestures often make a big difference in the guest’s overall experience.

Requesting for Review

After the guest’s stay, don’t forget to request a review. Reviews are crucial for the Airbnb community as they help future guests make informed decisions. Be sure to leave a review for your guest, too, as this can help them when booking future stays.

Wrapping Up

Guiding your guests through a few key aspects of the checkout process, setting clear expectations, and maintaining good communication, can ensure a smooth and enjoyable end to your guests’ stay. A good Airbnb experience doesn’t end when the guests leave the property – it ends when you and your guests are satisfied with the stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s address some frequently asked questions about the Airbnb checkout process from a host’s perspective.

What are some typical checkout expectations in terms of cleaning?

Typically, hosts expect guests to leave the property clean and tidy. This includes dealing with dishes, taking out the trash, and ensuring the property is as they found it. However, expectations can vary, so always make these clear in your house rules.

What are some typical checkout expectations in terms of cleaning?

Typically, hosts expect guests to leave the property clean and tidy. This includes dealing with dishes, taking out the trash, and ensuring the property is as they found it. However, expectations can vary, so always make these clear in your house rules.

Are there penalties for guests not adhering to Airbnb checkout time?

Yes, not adhering to the checkout time can result in penalties for guests. These can range from additional charges to negative reviews. It’s important to communicate the checkout time clearly to avoid inconveniencing you or the next guest.

Where to provide checkout instructions for an Airbnb stay?

Checkout instructions are typically provided in the house manual or sent directly to the guest via the Airbnb app or other communication methods. As a host, it’s important to provide these instructions clearly and promptly.

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