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Location, Features & Wit: Tips for Picking the Perfect Airbnb Name

Learn how to create the perfect catchy, SEO-optimized Airbnb name. Discover naming tips and examples for branding your unique rental.


By Karolyn Hutson

Published on August 11, 2023

You’ve purchased or leased a gorgeous property. You’ve staged and decorated it to be an inviting short-term rental space. Now comes one of the most fun parts of preparing your Airbnb listing – choosing the perfect name!

Your Airbnb name sets the tone for your entire brand and listing. It needs to intrigue guests, reflect your rental’s vibes, and optimize for searchability. With so many options, where do you start?

We’ll explore different approaches to Airbnb naming, including location-based names, descriptive names, and creative punny names. We’ll also look at naming strategies like alliteration, cultural references, and more. By the end, you’ll have plenty of catchy and unique Airbnb name ideas to make your rental stand out.

Types of Airbnb Names to Consider

Airbnb names generally fall into a few broad categories, each with their own pros and cons.

Location-Based Names

One popular naming approach is to simply include your rental’s location in the title. For example:

  • Marina Del Rey Oceanview Paradise
  • Aspen Mountain Cabin Retreat
  • NYC Times Square Private Room

The advantage of a location-based name is it immediately tells guests where your rental is situated. This helps optimize for location-based searches. However, it lacks creativity.

To make location names unique, you can highlight specific neighborhood details vs. just the city. For example, “Venice Canals Bungalow” or “SoHo Loft.”

Thematic or Descriptive Names

Another option is choosing a name that summarizes the vibe, amenities, or experience of staying at your rental. Some examples:

  • Beachfront Bliss
  • The Cozy Cottage
  • Game Night Getaway

These names evoke certain feelings or images for guests related to what your Airbnb offers. The downside can be vagueness – guests might not know the location or details.

To make descriptive names more specific, incorporate location clues like “Lakeside Serenity Vermont” or “Wine Country Cozy Cottage.”

Creative, Witty or Quirky Names

For a more unique approach, you can choose an imaginative name that showcases your personality:

  • Casa de Cupcakes
  • The Bear’s Den
  • She Shed Chic

These creative names are often punny or unconventional. They allow you to brand your space with a clever turn of phrase. Just be cautious not to choose an overly wacky name guests won’t understand.

You can add location context to fun names, like “Hobbit House of the Hudson Valley” or “Sunny Surf Shack Santa Monica.”

Choosing Your Ideal Airbnb Name

With endless options for Airbnb names, how do you thoughtfully choose what’s best for your rental? Here are some key factors to weigh:

Does It Represent Your Brand?

Your Airbnb name sets expectations. Make sure it aligns with your rental’s aesthetics, location, amenities, and vibe. “Rustic Mountain Retreat” conveys something very different than “Chic Beachfront Condo”!

Is It Memorable and Distinctive?

Aim for something short, catchy, and unique that will stick in guests’ minds. “The Piano Loft” is more memorable than “Atlanta Apartment.”

Does It Resonate Emotionally?

Choose a name with positive emotional associations that get guests excited to book. “Serene Oasis” or “Cozy Cottage” conjure pleasant images.

Is It Search Optimized?

Include key details like location that will optimize for searches. “Catalina Island Private Suite” targets more specific searches than just “Island Suite.”

Balance branding flair with SEO optimization to attract your ideal guests.

Finding Airbnb Name Inspiration

Stuck on name ideas? Here are some common sources of inspiration:

Draw From Your Rental’s Location

Look at neighborhood names, street names, local landmarks, and history to spark ideas. “Perry Street Perch” or “Sunset Cliffs Hideaway.”

Highlight Standout Features

Showcase amenities like views, style elements, or property attributes in the name. “Oceanview Oasis” or “Urban Jungle Loft.”

Use Local References

Incorporate beloved local spots or insider nicknames. “Lake Travis Treehouse” or “Tarpon Springs Tiki Hut.”

Add Personal Touches

Weave in your own interests, hobbies, or personality. “Book Nook Inn” or “Music City Retreat.”

Research popular local hashtags and tourist sites for endless inspiration!

Creative Naming Strategies for Airbnbs

Beyond just picking an appealing name, certain creative naming tactics can make your Airbnb title even catchier.

Puns and Playful Wordplay

Puns take advantage of words with double meanings for humor and wit. For example:

  • “Inn the Attic” in a rental with an attic space
  • “Thyme After Thyme” for a herb-filled cottage
  • “Suite Dreams” for an elegant master suite

Avoid puns that are overly cheesy. When used sparingly, they grab attention.

Use Alliteration

Alliteration involves repeating initial consonant sounds. It adds a catchy rhythm to your name. Consider:

  • Buena Vista Bungalow
  • Cozy Cabana Casa
  • Sandy Shores Suite

The repetition makes these titles flow off the tongue nicely. But don’t overdo alliteration to the point of being tongue-twisting.

Incorporate Rhyming

Rhyming names can also sound pleasing and memorable:

  • Hanalei Hideaway
  • Cozy Nook Overlook

Use rhyming as an accent, not the entire naming scheme. Short examples like the above work best.

Reference Pop Culture

For a fun vibe, allude to popular movies, songs, characters, or quotes:

  • “Hakuna Matata House” referencing The Lion King
  • “Stairway to Heaven Loft,” nodding to the Led Zeppelin song
  • “Sherlock’s Flat” for a London-themed rental

Pop culture references guests recognize immediately grab attention. Just avoid copyrighted names.

Best Practices for Choosing Your Airbnb Name

As you brainstorm name options, keep these best practices in mind:

Keep it Concise

Shorter Airbnb names have more impact. Shoot for names under 30 characters so the full name fits prominently.

“City Lights Loft” is catchier than “San Francisco Downtown Financial District Apartment Rental.”

Make it Distinctive Yet Clear

Find a balance between being distinctive but still giving guests a sense of your rental. “The Surf Shack” is unique but doesn’t convey location. Consider “Pacifica Surf Shack” instead.

Craft an Emotional Connection

Choose wording that sparks excitement and pleasant imagery of staying at your Airbnb. “Luxurious Oceanside Retreat” or “Cozy Cabin in the Woods” set a mood.

Enhance Discoverability

Include location identifiers, property attributes, and popular search terms to get found more easily by your target guests.

Read it Aloud

Say your name idea out loud. Make sure it sounds pleasing and rolls off the tongue.

Preview it Written

View your rental name in writing across your listing, website, etc. Make sure it looks visually appealing as well.

Trust your intuition if a name just “feels right” for embodying your Airbnb.

Optimizing Your Airbnb Listing Name

Even when you land on the perfect catchy name, a few optimizations can help your listing attract more engagement:

Place Your Name Prominently

As the header or first sentence of your listing, it’s highly visible to browsing guests.

Use it Consistently

Keep your name consistent across your Airbnb listing, website, email signature, and anywhere else guests will see it.

Highlight it in Reviews

Encourage happy guests to spotlight your creative name in their online reviews after a stay.

Monitor Performance

Use Google Analytics to see what search terms bring people to your listing to refine your name.

Change it if Needed

Don’t be afraid to rebrand and change your name if you find something catchier later on.

Choosing the perfect name for your Airbnb rental is an exciting step in standing out on Airbnb. Whether you go for a location descriptor, a descriptive summary, or a creative pun, keep these naming tips in mind. Most importantly, pick a name that embodies the spirit of your space to attract your ideal guests. So brainstorm, refine options, and don’t overthink it. Your perfect catchy Airbnb name is out there waiting!

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