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Increase Your Bookings with Airbnb Weekly Discounts

Learn how to strategically set your Airbnb weekly discounts, attract long-term guests, and boost your income. Whether you're a seasoned host or just starting out, this guide will help you leverage weekly discounts to maximize your Airbnb success.


By Kristy Baylor

Published on June 27, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of travel and hospitality, Airbnb has emerged as a game-changer. One of its most attractive features is the weekly discount, a boon for long-term travelers and hosts alike. But what exactly is an Airbnb weekly discount, and how does it work? Let’s dive in and explore.

Understanding Airbnb Weekly Discounts

Airbnb weekly discounts are a unique feature that allows hosts to offer reduced rates for guests booking a stay of seven days or more. This feature is a win-win for both parties: guests can enjoy a more affordable stay, while hosts can secure longer bookings and a steady income.

How Airbnb Weekly Discounts Work

The mechanics of Airbnb weekly discounts are quite straightforward. Hosts set a percentage discount for stays of seven days or longer. This discount is automatically applied when guests book a qualifying stay. The key factors here are:

  • The discount rates.
  • The length of the stay.
  • The potential cost savings for guests.

Benefits of Airbnb Weekly Discounts

The benefits of Airbnb weekly discounts are manifold. For guests, the lower nightly rates make long-term stays more affordable. For hosts, offering discounts can attract guests planning longer stays, reducing turnover, and ensuring a steady income stream. Plus, it’s a cost-effective strategy that can give hosts a competitive edge in the bustling Airbnb market.

Airbnb’s Policy on Weekly Discounts

Airbnb’s policy on weekly discounts is quite flexible, allowing hosts to set their own discount rates. However, Airbnb does provide guidelines to help hosts decide on a competitive rate. The discretion ultimately lies with the host, who can adjust the discount based on local market conditions and financial goals.

Hosts’ Perspective on Weekly Discounts

From a host’s perspective, weekly discounts can be a powerful tool to attract and retain guests. But how do hosts decide on their discount rates, and what has been their experience with offering weekly discounts?

Reasons for Offering Weekly Discounts

Hosts have several reasons for offering weekly discounts. Increased bookings, less turnover, and a stable income are among the most compelling. Hosts can incentivize longer stays by offering a discount, reducing the time and effort required for managing and turning over the property between guests.

Determining Discount Rates

Determining discount rates is a strategic process for hosts. It involves market research, competitive pricing, and careful consideration of profit margins. Hosts must balance the need to attract guests with the need to ensure their pricing is sustainable and profitable.

Hosts’ Experiences with Weekly Discounts

Hosts’ experiences with weekly discounts vary widely. Some hosts have found success with this strategy, attracting more long-term bookings and increasing their income. Others have faced challenges, such as guests expecting additional discounts or services. Overall, the success of weekly discounts largely depends on the host’s ability to set competitive rates and manage guest expectations.

Guests’ Perspective on Weekly Discounts

From a guest’s perspective, weekly discounts can significantly enhance the Airbnb experience. They make longer stays more affordable and provide more flexibility for travel plans.

Advantages of Weekly Discounts for Guests

The advantages of weekly discounts for guests are clear. The cost savings can be substantial, particularly for longer stays. The flexibility of being able to book a longer stay without a significant financial burden is another major advantage. Plus, the discounted rate can make it possible for guests to afford stays in higher-end properties or more desirable locations.

Guest Experiences with Weekly Discounts

Guest experiences with weekly discounts have been largely positive. Many guests appreciate the value for money that these discounts offer. They also appreciate the flexibility that comes with being able to book longer stays without breaking the bank. However, experiences can vary based on factors like the host’s discount rate, the property, and the location.

Enjoy the stability of longer bookings with Airbnb weekly discounts
Longer Airbnb stays reduce turnover costs

Impact of Weekly Discounts on Airbnb Market

Weekly discounts have a significant impact on the Airbnb market. They influence pricing trends, booking patterns, and the overall dynamics of the host-guest relationship.

An analysis of weekly discount trends reveals some interesting insights. The popularity of these discounts has grown over time, reflecting a shift in the market towards longer-term stays. This trend is driven by the rise of remote work and the desire for more flexible travel options.

Impact on Traditional Lodging Industry

The impact of Airbnb’s weekly discounts on the traditional lodging industry is significant. By offering competitive pricing for longer stays, Airbnb poses a serious challenge to hotels and other traditional lodging options. This has forced the industry to rethink its pricing strategies and offer more competitive rates for long-term stays.

The future of weekly discounts looks promising. As the trend towards longer-term travel continues, these discounts will likely play an increasingly important role in the Airbnb market. Future strategies may include more personalized discounts, dynamic pricing based on demand, and more sophisticated discount algorithms.

Other Discount Options on Airbnb

In addition to weekly discounts, Airbnb offers several other discount options. These include monthly discounts, special offers, and early bird discounts.

Monthly Discounts

Monthly discounts are similar to weekly discounts, but they apply to stays of 28 days or more. These discounts can be even more substantial, making long-term stays on Airbnb an attractive option for digital nomads, remote workers, and others in need of extended accommodations.

Special Offers

Special offers are another way that hosts can attract guests. These are custom discounts that hosts can offer to specific guests, such as repeat visitors or guests booking a last-minute stay. Special offers give hosts another tool to manage their bookings and maximize their income.

Early Bird Discounts

Early bird discounts reward guests who book their stay well in advance. These discounts can be a win-win: guests get a better rate, and hosts get the security of a confirmed booking.

Wrapping Up

Airbnb’s weekly discounts offer a unique opportunity for both hosts and guests. For hosts, they provide a way to attract long-term bookings and secure a steady income. For guests, they offer substantial cost savings, and the flexibility to plan longer stays. As the trend towards longer-term travel continues, these discounts will likely play an increasingly important role in the Airbnb market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, let’s address some frequently asked questions about Airbnb weekly discounts.

What is the average percentage for weekly discounts?

The average percentage for weekly discounts varies widely, but many hosts offer around 10-20% discounts. However, the discount rate is at the host’s discretion and can depend on factors like the property, location, and local market conditions. You can view the average weekly and monthly discounts provided for over 500 cities in our city guides.

Can guests negotiate discounts on their stay?

While Airbnb’s platform doesn’t officially support price negotiation, guests can always reach out to hosts to discuss pricing. Some hosts may be willing to offer additional discounts, especially for longer stays or during off-peak seasons.

Do all Airbnb listings offer weekly discounts?

Not all Airbnb listings offer weekly discounts. It’s up to each host to decide whether to offer these discounts. However, Airbnb’s search filters make it easy for guests to find listings that do offer weekly discounts.

How does the length of stay affect the discount rate?

The length of stay can significantly affect the discount rate. Generally, the longer the stay, the higher the discount. This is because longer stays are more profitable for hosts, as they reduce turnover and ensure a steady income.

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