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Kristy Baylor

Former Airbnb host turned content writer and avid runner, passionate about crafting engaging content, sharing inspiring stories, and finding joy in the power of running. Let's make every word and every step count!

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best smart locks for your short-term rentals

Best Smart Locks for Airbnb

Every Airbnb host knows the importance of a smooth check-in process. With the rise of smart home technologies, discover the best smart locks that offer a blend of security, style, and simplicity, ensuring your guests feel right at home.


best airbnb smart thermostat

Best Smart Thermostats for Airbnb

Thanks to technological advancements, smart thermostats have emerged as a solution for hosts to manage guest comfort and utility expenses. These devices offer both comfort for guests and remote control for hosts, ensuring energy efficiency.


Best Pillows for Airbnb: A variety of premium pillows perfectly suited for Airbnb accommodations

Best Pillows for Airbnb: Top Picks for Hosts and Guests in 2023

A comfortable and restful night’s sleep is essential for guests staying at an Airbnb. Paying close attention to the material, size, weight, and potential allergen content is crucial when selecting pillows for your Airbnb. It’s essential to provide a comfortable, supportive pillow, and easy to maintain. Each guest may have unique preferences, and offering variousContinue reading “Best Pillows for Airbnb: Top Picks for Hosts and Guests in 2023”


Surf-themed decor adding charm to vacation homes.

Deep Insights into Surfing Vacation Home Rentals

Ride the wave of a unique investment opportunity with surfing vacation homes. This guide reveals what makes these properties special, their types, popular locations, essential amenities, and what to expect in terms of cost.


Amazing views from mountain vacation rental

Investing in Vacation Rentals with Amazing Views

Interested in investing in vacation rentals? This article will enlighten you on why properties with amazing views are a stellar choice. Get ready to step into a world where every sunrise and sunset paints a new masterpiece.


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