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Short Term Rental City Guides

Staying on top of short term rental regulations for each city can be a challenge. Our community has created guides for many of the top cities and constantly adding more.

Local Regulations at a Glance

Quickly view our guides on short term rental regulations, and quick links to relevant sources to see restriction details.

Drilldown by State and Local Amenities

Still looking for that perfect city to invest? Browse the directory and filter by cities near beaches, theme parks, and other amenities. Looking for ideas within a particular state? View regulations for our some of most popular cities in Arizona, Georgia, Washington and Tennessee

Can't Find a City? Add to the Directory

Know a place that would be great for hosts to consider? Our directory is free and anyone can add or edit to make it even better!

Learn about Short-Term Rentals

Just getting started? Dive into our glossary to learn a few terms, or jump into our forums and join the conversation with other hosts.

Short-Term Rental Glossary

Our growing list of commonly used vacation rental glossary terms explain confusing acronyms or jargon you might encounter in your hosting journey.

Hosting Discussions

Join the conversation with other hosts and investors looking to share their experiences and thoughts on the short term rental industry.

Free Tools and Resources for Short-Term Hosts

Figuring out how to optimize your rental? Look no further! Our community created directory of tools, resources and products to outfit your rental is the place to start.

Hosting Checklists

Need to create a to-do list for the cleaner? We have multiple examples.

Host Responses

Not sure how to respond to a guest's question? We have the perfect answer

Mortgage Calculator

Calculate the payment for that perfect rental property, includes taxes and insurance estimates.

Furnishing Estimates

Not sure how much it will cost to outfit a new property, use our quick lookup tool.

Rental Library

Insights, updates, and tips centered around growing your short term rental business.

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We're just getting started, know something else we should add, let us know!