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A Dream Above the Ground: Treehouse Vacation Rentals

Get ready to elevate your vacation rental experience by embracing the enchanting world of treehouses. From rustic charm to luxury living, treehouse vacation rentals offer a unique blend of nature and comfort that delights guests and investors alike. It's time to take your vacation rental to new heights!


By Derick Hargrave

Published on July 21, 2023

Imagine the thrill of being perched high above the ground, amidst the rustling leaves and birdsong, in a haven of wood and windows. If you’re a property owner with a penchant for something special, treehouses can be your answer to an extraordinary vacation rental. These unique spaces bring back childhood fantasies and are not just charming getaways but solid investments too. For the adventurous soul yearning for a unique connection with nature or an investor looking for an offbeat revenue stream, treehouses present a fantastic opportunity. The blend of exclusivity, novelty, and a touch of whimsy makes treehouses a sought-after vacation destination and a growing trend in the Airbnb or second-home market.

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What’s Special about Treehouse Vacation Rentals

Treehouses stand out as a distinct and enchanting alternative to regular vacation properties. Not only do they offer an unparalleled connection to nature, but they also bring a whimsical charm that attracts travelers of all ages. As an investment, treehouses are gaining traction for several reasons:

  1. Connection to Nature: Treehouses allow guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Waking up to birdsong, enjoying breathtaking views of forests or rivers, and feeling the gentle sway of the tree create a profound connection to the natural world. This is a sought-after experience for urban dwellers seeking a break from the concrete jungle.
  2. Uniqueness and Novelty: The distinctiveness of treehouses lies in their novelty. They offer a break from conventional hotel rooms or holiday homes. Many treehouses are crafted with creativity, featuring unique designs, such as pods suspended in the air or cabins built around the trunk. This adds a magical and whimsical quality that delights visitors.
  3. Eco-Friendly Options: Treehouses often focus on sustainability, integrating eco-friendly practices such as rainwater harvesting, solar energy, composting toilets, and using recycled or reclaimed materials. This appeals to the eco-conscious traveler looking for a stay that aligns with their values.
  4. Adventure Opportunities: From climbing ladders to crossing rope bridges, the journey to your treehouse room might be an adventure in itself. Some treehouses offer adventure sports like zip-lining, trekking, or mountain biking. It’s ideal for thrill-seekers or families looking for an exciting vacation.
  5. Romantic Getaways: With secluded locations and stunning vistas, treehouses can be the perfect romantic hideaway. Some properties offer special romantic packages, including candlelit dinners, treetop spas, or private balconies to watch the stars.
  6. Health and Well-Being: Being close to nature has been proven to positively affect mental and physical health. Many treehouse vacation spots focus on wellness, offering activities like yoga, meditation, forest bathing, or therapeutic massages among the trees. This creates a serene and rejuvenating experience.
  7. Educational Experience: Treehouses offer families an opportunity to educate children about nature, wildlife, and sustainability. Guided nature walks, workshops on tree planting, or bird-watching sessions add an educational dimension to the vacation.
  8. Seasonal Attractions: Treehouses offer different experiences depending on the season. Enjoy the bloom of spring flowers, the lush greenery of summer, the colors of autumn leaves, or a cozy winter hideaway. This seasonal charm makes them appealing year-round.

Types of Treehouse House Vacation Rentals

Treehouses are far from being a one-size-fits-all category. They come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, each offering a unique character and charm.

  • Traditional Treehouses: These typically wooden structures often have a rustic design and simple amenities.
  • Luxury Treehouses: Offering top-notch facilities and elegant designs, these treehouses provide a lavish experience.
  • Eco-Friendly Treehouses: Built with sustainable materials, these focus on reducing environmental impact.
  • Adventure Treehouses: Catering to thrill-seekers, these may include features like zip lines or observation decks.

Treehouses are commonly found in cities known for lush landscapes and a love for nature. Here’s a list of cities that are popular for treehouse vacation homes:

Common Amenities for Treehouse Vacation Rentals

Most treehouse rentals come with essential amenities like electricity, plumbing, heating, and basic kitchen facilities. Treehouses might also offer:

  • Stunning Views: Expect panoramic views of forests, mountains, or lakes.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Decks, balconies, or patios for guests to enjoy the surroundings.
  • Cozy Interiors: Often adorned with wood and natural materials, creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • Adventure Equipment: Some might include equipment for outdoor activities like hiking or kayaking.
  • Eco-Friendly Features: Such as composting toilets, solar energy, and recycling facilities.
  • Unique Architectural Designs: From spherical shapes to modern minimalist designs.
    Treehouses often extend beyond the basics, offering unique amenities like hot tubs perched on branches, rope bridges, or even personal chefs for a gourmet experience in the treetops.

Activities and Attractions Near Treehouse House Rentals

The charm of staying in a treehouse extends far beyond the accommodation itself. The very location of treehouses, often nestled in picturesque landscapes, offers an array of activities and attractions that guests can explore. Here’s what visitors can enjoy near treehouse rentals:

  • Nature Trails: Most treehouses are near hiking and biking trails.
  • Water Activities: Proximity to lakes or rivers may offer kayaking, fishing, or swimming.
  • Bird Watching: The perfect spot for bird enthusiasts.
  • Star Gazing: Often located in less polluted areas, ideal for stargazing.
  • Local Crafts and Cuisine: Explore nearby communities and local culture.
  • Outdoor Sports: From zip-lining to rock climbing, depending on the location.

How much does a Treehouse vacation home cost?

When considering the purchase of a Treehouse vacation home, the cost is a significant factor that varies widely based on location, design, size, and amenities. Treehouses are a unique investment in the real estate market, offering both aesthetic appeal and an extraordinary guest experience. They can range anywhere from a simple and cozy dwelling for around $50,000 to a luxurious treetop palace costing upwards of $300,000.

The price range will heavily depend on the craftsmanship, materials used, complexity of the design, and integration with existing trees or landscape. Features like plumbing, electrical systems, high-end finishes, and architectural designs also play a substantial role in determining the cost.

  • Asheville, North Carolina: $60,000 – $250,000, renowned for its beautiful forests and artistic community.
  • Portland, Oregon: $70,000 – $300,000, offers a blend of urban and natural landscapes with a strong focus on sustainability.
  • Austin, Texas: $55,000 – $200,000, popular for its music scene and outdoor recreational activities.
  • Seattle, Washington: $80,000 – $350,000, a hot spot for treehouse enthusiasts, with lush green surroundings.
  • Nashville, Tennessee: $50,000 – $220,000, known for its vibrant arts scene and Southern charm.
  • Santa Cruz, California: $100,000 – $400,000, offers picturesque coastal views and a mild climate.
  • Denver, Colorado: $75,000 – $275,000, a location offering both mountainous landscapes and a bustling city life.
  • Miami, Florida: $65,000 – $280,000, unique for its tropical settings, which allows for stunning treehouse designs.

What factors affect the cost of Treehouse vacation rentals?

The cost of Treehouse vacation rentals is influenced by a diverse set of factors. Unlike conventional properties, treehouses are intertwined with the natural landscape, and thus their design, construction, and location significantly impact the cost. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what can affect the pricing:

A treehouse with eco-friendly features
  1. Location: The location of the treehouse plays a critical role in determining its cost. Proximity to popular tourist attractions, accessibility, the beauty of the surroundings, and local real estate values all contribute to the overall price.
  2. Design and Architecture: The complexity of the design and architecture affects the cost. A simple treehouse with basic amenities will be more affordable, while an elaborate, multi-level structure with intricate designs will be more expensive.
  3. Construction Materials: The type and quality of materials used in construction play a vital role in determining the price. Using eco-friendly, high-quality materials will drive the cost upward, while standard materials might keep it more moderate.
  4. Amenities and Features: Including amenities like plumbing, electricity, heating, or air conditioning will add to the cost. Special features such as balconies, skylights, or luxury finishes will also contribute to a higher price.
  5. Tree and Land Assessment: The suitability of the trees and land for construction might require a professional assessment, which can add to the initial cost. The species and health of the trees, soil stability, and other environmental factors need to be considered.
  6. Regulations and Permits: Different locations may have specific regulations regarding treehouse construction. Obtaining necessary permits and complying with local building codes might involve additional costs.

How to make your Treehouse rental property stand out to guests

A treehouse already has a unique edge in a market flooded with conventional vacation rentals. However, standing out requires more than just being different. As a property owner, you need to provide something extra that adds to the guest’s experience. Here’s how you can make your treehouse rental truly exceptional:

  • Adventure Packages: Create various adventure packages that include activities like zip-lining from the treehouse, guided forest treks, or bird-watching tours. The thrill of adventure enhances the treehouse stay, especially for families and groups of friends. A treehouse in Colorado, for example, could offer guided rock climbing or white-water rafting nearby, turning the stay into an adventure hub.
  • Wellness Retreats: Transform your treehouse into a wellness sanctuary by offering yoga sessions, meditation retreats, or therapeutic massages amidst the calming sounds of nature. Some treehouses have embraced this concept by partnering with wellness experts and offering packages focusing on mental and physical rejuvenation right in the forest’s heart.
  • Cultural Connections: If your treehouse is located in an area rich in local culture and traditions, offer guests a chance to engage with the community. Whether learning traditional crafts, cooking local cuisine, or enjoying folklore evenings, creating authentic cultural experiences adds depth and uniqueness to the stay. For instance, a treehouse in the Smoky Mountains might offer guests opportunities to learn traditional Appalachian crafts.

Our Thoughts

Treehouse vacation rentals are more than a fad; they are an exciting opportunity for guests and property owners. Whether you’re seeking an extraordinary escape or looking to invest in a unique property, treehouses offer a world of possibilities. From the charm of a simple wooden nest to the elegance of a luxury retreat, treehouses captivate the imagination and provide an experience like no other. As a property owner, this uniqueness can translate into a fruitful investment, making your property a sought-after destination for travelers and nature enthusiasts alike.

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