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Commonly Forgotten Travel Items: What to Remember

Don't let forgotten items put a damper on your travel excitement. From clothing and personal care items to travel essentials and miscellaneous items.


By Karolyn Hutson

Published on June 22, 2023

Have you ever arrived at your vacation destination only to realize you’ve forgotten something crucial? It’s a common scenario that can put a damper on your travel excitement. We’ll delve into the world of commonly forgotten travel items to ensure your next trip is smooth and stress-free.

Clothing Items

When packing for a trip, clothes are usually the first thing we think about. But even then, some items tend to slip through the cracks.


It might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often underwear is left behind in the packing frenzy. Remember, it’s not just about quantity but also variety. Depending on your travel itinerary, you might need different types of underwear. So, pack wisely and remember – having a few extra pairs is always better.

Warm Clothing

No matter where you’re headed, it’s always a good idea to pack a piece of warm clothing. Even tropical destinations can have chilly nights or overly air-conditioned establishments. A lightweight jacket or a versatile shawl can make all the difference in your comfort level.


Whether or not you go to a beach destination, a swimsuit is a must-pack item. You never know when you might come across a beautiful lake, a hotel with a pool, or even a hot tub at a mountain cabin. It’s small, lightweight, and can significantly increase your leisure options.

Personal Care Items

Personal care items are essential for maintaining daily hygiene and comfort during travel. Here are some items that often get overlooked.


While most hotels provide basic toiletries, it’s always a good idea to bring your own, especially if you have specific brands you prefer. Travel-size toothpaste, razors, and deodorant can be a lifesaver, especially when you’re on the go.

Glasses, Contacts and Solution

If you wear glasses or contacts, forgetting them can make your trip blurry. Always pack an extra pair, and don’t forget your contact solution. It’s also a good idea to bring a copy of your prescription, just in case.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is crucial, no matter the season. Sunscreen, a hat, and UV-protective sunglasses are must-haves. Remember, UV rays can be strong and harmful even on cloudy days.

Lip Balm

Travel can be tough on your lips between different climates and air-conditioned spaces. A good lip balm can keep your lips hydrated and comfortable throughout your journey.

Travel Essentials

These are the items that can make or break your travel experience. They’re often overlooked but can have a significant impact on your trip.

Phone Chargers and Power Cords

Keep your devices charged on the go, power cords are commonly forgotten when traveling
Keep your devices charged on the go, power cords are commonly forgotten when traveling

In the digital age, forgetting your phone charger can feel like the end of the world. Always double-check that you’ve packed all necessary chargers and power cords. A portable power bank can also be a lifesaver during long travel days.

Prescription Medications

If you take any prescription medications, ensure they’re at the top of your packing list. It’s also a good idea to bring a copy of your prescription and note the medication’s generic name. In case you run out or lose your meds, this information can be invaluable.

First Aid Supplies

A basic first aid kit is a travel essential. It doesn’t have to be extensive, but it should include band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and a pain reliever. You never know when minor injuries or headaches might occur.

Important Documents

Passports, driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and any necessary visas or permits should be safely stored in your carry-on. It’s also a good idea to store digital and physical copies of these documents separately, just in case.

Miscellaneous Items

These items might not be the first things that come to mind when packing, but they can significantly enhance your travel experience.

An Umbrella & Ziplock Bags

Weather can be unpredictable, so a compact umbrella is always good to have. Ziplock bags, on the other hand, are incredibly versatile travel companions. They can be used to store toiletries, keep electronics safe from water, or even organize your carry-on.

A Belt

A belt might not seem like an essential item, but it can come in handy in many situations. Besides holding up your pants, it can be used to secure a rolled-up jacket or even as a makeshift luggage strap.

A Small Purse

A small purse or a crossbody bag is perfect for carrying your essentials while exploring. It’s convenient, secure, and allows you to have your hands free.

Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while traveling is crucial. A reusable water bottle is environmentally friendly and can save you money on buying bottled water.

Extra Bag

Whether it’s for shopping, day trips, or separating dirty clothes, an extra lightweight bag always comes in handy.

Nail Kit

A small nail kit can be a lifesaver for dealing with hangnails, broken nails, or even loose thread.

Laundry Bag

A laundry bag is a simple item that can make your hotel life much more organized. It’s also helpful for separating dirty clothes when packing for home.

Wrapping Up

Packing for a trip can be stressful, but with a bit of planning and a comprehensive checklist, you can avoid the dreaded feeling of forgetting something important. Remember, it’s not just about remembering to pack items but also about choosing the right items that will enhance your travel experience. So, the next time you’re preparing for a trip, refer back to this guide and ensure you’ve got everything you need for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap up, let’s address some common questions about packing for a trip.

What are essential items often left behind?

The most commonly forgotten items, like phone chargers, toothbrushes, and underwear, are often the most mundane. It’s also common to forget last-minute grabs, like jackets or water bottles.

What toiletries do people tend to forget?

Travel-sized toothpaste, razors, and deodorant are often left behind. It’s also common to forget sunscreen, especially for winter trips.

Which items are usually forgotten for a beach vacation?

For beach vacations, items like swimsuits, beach towels, and sun hats are often forgotten. It’s common to forget beach-specific items like snorkel gear or water shoes.

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