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How to Accurately Calculate Your Airbnb Property’s Square Footage

The importance of square footage in Airbnb listings and learn how to calculate it accurately. Discover how property size influences guest expectations, pricing strategies, and property selection for Airbnb.


By Derick Hargrave

Published on June 16, 2023

When it comes to Airbnb, size does matter. But it’s not just about having the biggest property or the most rooms. It’s about understanding the role of square footage in your listing, how to calculate it, and how to use it to your advantage. In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Airbnb’s square footage and why it’s crucial to your success as a host.

Importance of Square Footage in Airbnb Listings

Square footage isn’t just a number on your listing; it’s a key factor influencing a guest’s decision to book your property. Let’s delve into why it’s so important.

Impact on Guest Expectations

When guests browse Airbnb listings, they’re imagining what their stay would be like. The square footage of your property plays a significant role in shaping these expectations. An accurate representation of your property’s size helps guests visualize the space, ensuring they have a satisfying experience and leave positive reviews.

Accurate Property Descriptions

Transparency is key in the hospitality industry. Providing accurate square footage in your Airbnb listing builds trust with potential guests. It shows that you’re honest and upfront, which can lead to higher booking rates and fewer guest disappointments.

Role in Pricing and Insurance

The size of your property can directly influence your pricing strategy. Larger properties often command higher prices. Additionally, insurance coverage for your property may be based on its square footage, making it a critical factor in risk management.

Influence on Furnishing and Renovations

Knowing the square footage of your property can guide you in furnishing and renovating your space. It helps determine how much furniture can fit without making the space feel cramped. If planning renovations, you’ll likely need to provide the property’s square footage when applying for permits.

Calculating Square Footage for Airbnb Listings

Understanding the size of your property is one thing, but how do you accurately calculate it? Let’s break it down.

Step-by-Step Calculation Process

Measuring a spacious living room in an Airbnb property
Measuring a spacious living room in an Airbnb property
  1. Prepare Your Tools: You’ll need a measuring tape, a piece of paper, and a pen or pencil. If the room is large, you might also need a ladder and a helper.
  2. Measure the Length: Start by measuring the length of the room. Place the end of the measuring tape at one end of the room at floor level and extend it to the other end. Make sure the tape is straight and tight for an accurate measurement. Write down the measurement in feet.
  3. Measure the Width: Next, measure the width of the room. Again, place the end of the measuring tape at one side of the room at floor level and extend it to the other side. Ensure the tape is straight and tight. Write down this measurement in feet.
  4. Calculate the Square Footage: Multiply the length of the room by its width. The result is the room’s square footage. For example, if your room is 10 feet long and 12 feet wide, the square footage would be 120 square feet (10 x 12 = 120).

Measuring Unique Spaces

Unique spaces like attics, basements, or lofts can add character to your property. However, whether you include these spaces in your square footage calculation can depend on factors like local regulations and whether the space is livable. Always ensure you’re following guidelines when measuring unique spaces.

  • Measure Non-Rectangular Rooms: If the room isn’t a perfect rectangle, divide it into rectangular sections. Measure the length and width of each section, calculate the square footage for each, and then add them together.
  • Account for Unusable Spaces: If there are areas in the room that can’t be used (like a built-in wardrobe or fireplace), calculate their square footage and subtract it from the total.

Considerations in Square Footage Calculation

When calculating square footage, it’s important to consider what counts as livable space. Typically, unfinished areas like attics or basements are excluded. However, this can vary based on local regulations and the property owner’s discretion.

Role of Square Footage in Property Selection for Airbnb

If you’re looking to invest in a property specifically for Airbnb, square footage should be a top consideration. Here’s why.

Impact on Property Location and Type

The size of a property can influence its appeal to different types of guests. For example, business travelers might prefer compact apartments in the city center, while families might be more attracted to spacious houses near tourist attractions. Understanding the relationship between property size and guest preferences can help you choose the right property in the right location.

Pricing Strategies Based on Size

The size of your property doesn’t just affect how much you can charge per night; it also influences your overall pricing strategy. Larger properties often have higher operating costs, which need to be factored into your pricing. Understanding how square footage impacts your bottom line is crucial for maximizing your return on investment.

Influence on Property Size and Layout

The layout of your property can impact how guests perceive its size. A well-designed space can make a small property feel larger, while a poorly designed layout can make a large property feel cramped. Maximizing your property’s square footage through effective layout design can enhance guest satisfaction and boost your reviews.

Number of Guests based on Property Size

The size of your property can also influence how many short-term rental guests you can comfortably accommodate. More beds often mean more money. But remember, it’s not just about the number of bedrooms. A comfy sofa bed in the living room or a loft can dramatically increase the number of guests you can accommodate and, therefore, the price you can charge.

Importance in Property Cleanliness and Access

The size of your property can impact how easy it is to keep clean and maintain. Larger properties may require more cleaning and maintenance, affecting your operating costs and the guest experience. Additionally, larger properties may require more complex access arrangements, such as key lockboxes or smart locks, to ensure guests can check in and out smoothly.

Wrapping Up

Understanding the role of square footage in your Airbnb listing is crucial for maximizing your success as a host. From shaping guest expectations to influencing your pricing strategy, the size of your property plays a significant role in your Airbnb business. By accurately calculating and representing your property’s square footage, you can enhance guest satisfaction, boost your reviews, and ultimately increase your bookings.

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