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Upfront Cash and Profit Calculator

Trying to get started as a short-term rental host? Use our calculator to estimate how much you would make by listing your home on Airbnb or Vrbo and how much you'll need out of pocket. Adjust the variables depending on your property specifics to get an even more accurate forecast.

Principal and Interest


Renovation and Startup Costs

Occupancy and Rate Assumptions


The percentage (%) of nights in a month that the unit has a guest.

The number of unique renters per month. Weekly rentals it will be 2-4, a mix of in-week and weekend rentals it could be 5-8.

Average rate charged throughout the year.

The cleaning fee charged to guests for each stay.

The actual cost paid to cleaners for each stay.

Annual Property Costs

Monthly Expenses

Include electric, water, cable, lawn service, etc.

Costs for cleaning supplies and any other guest amenities.

Assume higher than personal home due to excess wear/tear of furniture and property.

Other Expenses


Percentage of Revenue paid to AirBnb, Vrbo, etc.


Varies based on partial or full service service level.


Services that manage pricing of your property on AirBnb/Vrbo.

Any other monthly costs not included elsewhere.

Financial Summary

Upfront Cash Required


Includes down payment, furniture, property improvements and other one-time costs.

Monthly Profit



Expenses include monthly costs for annual, monthly and per rental allocated costs.

Annual Profit


Cap Rate

ROIC is return on the upfront cash invested, ratio would be lower for first year if there is time before first rental and purchase.