Free tools for rental hosts

Short-Term Rental Break-Even Calculator

Calculate the pricing you'll need to charge to break even. Thinking of renting only part-time? You can see estimates of rental rates depending on the number of nights occupied per month.

Property Costs without Rentals (monthly)

Include principal, interest, and mortgage insurance

Include HOA and other property fees

Include lawn service, exterminator, etc.

Rental Specific Costs (monthly)

Extra utilities if fully rented.

Toiletries, coffee, etc.

Netflix, etc.

Breakeven Rental Price Range


1 night


4 nights


8 nights


12 nights


16 nights


20 nights


24 nights


28 nights


30 nights

Rental prices assume 3% platform host fee.


Holding Costs

Costs even if not rented.

Additional Rental Costs

Does not include property repairs.