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Questions to Ask Airbnb Guests

Essential questions for short-term rental hosts to ask their guests. From pre-booking to post-booking, these questions will help you understand your guests, meet their needs, and provide a memorable stay.


By Karolyn Hutson

Published on June 12, 2023

In the world of Airbnb hosting, knowing the right questions to ask your guests can make all the difference. It’s not just about filling your property; it’s about creating a positive experience for you and your guests. Let’s dive into the essential questions every Airbnb host should be asking.

Pre-Booking Questions

Pre-booking questions are a crucial part of the screening process. They help you understand your guests better and set the right expectations.

Importance of Pre-Booking Questions

Safety, property protection, guest suitability, and expectations are all tied to the pre-booking questions. They allow you to gauge whether the guest is a good fit for your property and whether they understand and respect your house rules.

Types of Pre-Booking Questions

Questions about the guest’s purpose for visiting, their previous Airbnb experience, and their understanding of your house rules are all important. These questions can help you understand your guest’s needs and ensure they know what to expect during their stay.

Guest Profile Verification

Verifying your guest’s profile is essential in the Airbnb hosting process. It helps build trust and ensures a level of transparency.

Identity Confirmation

Checking identity for short-term rental guess is an option if your concerned about a guest
Checking identity for short-term rental guess is an option if your concerned about a guest

Confirming the identity of your guests is crucial for safety reasons. It also helps build trust between you and your guests, knowing that you’re dealing with a real person who Airbnb has verified.

Previous Reviews and Ratings

A guest’s previous reviews and ratings gives you an idea of what other hosts have experienced. It can provide valuable insights into their behavior and respect for house rules.

Questions about Guest Details

Asking for personal details is more than knowing your guest’s name. It’s about understanding who they are and what they need from their stay.

Why Ask for Guest Details

Trust and transparency are the foundations of the host-guest relationship. By asking for details, you show your guests that you’re interested in providing them with the best possible experience.

What Guest Details to Ask For

Ask for your guest’s full name, their home city, and the reason for their travel. This information can help you personalize their stay and provide recommendations for local attractions.

Questions about Guest Stay

Understanding your guest’s stay is about more than knowing their check-in and check-out dates. It’s about understanding their needs and expectations.

Check-in and Check-out Times

Knowing your guest’s arrival and departure times can help you prepare your property and ensure a smooth transition. It also allows you to clarify their special needs during these times.

Smoking and Pet Policies

Your smoking and pet policies are important house rules that should be clearly communicated. Make sure your guests are comfortable with these rules before they book.

Noise Restrictions

Noise restrictions are another important aspect of your house rules. Be clear about quiet hours and local noise ordinances to ensure a peaceful stay for your guests and neighbors.

Parking Availability

If you have parking available, let your guests know. This can be a major convenience for guests traveling by car.

Nearby Attractions

Sharing local attractions during their stay
Sharing local attractions during their stay

Sharing information about nearby attractions can enhance your guest’s experience. It shows that you’re not just a host, but also a knowledgeable local guide.

Post-Booking Questions

Post-booking questions allow you to learn from your guests and improve your hosting skills.

Importance of Post-Booking Questions

Feedback is a gift. It allows you to improve your hosting skills and increase guest satisfaction. Post-booking questions can provide valuable insights into your guest’s stay experience and their suggestions for improvement.

Types of Post-Booking Questions

Ask about your guest’s stay experience, suggestions for improvement, and willingness to return. This feedback can help you make necessary changes and improvements to your property and hosting style.

Wrapping Up

Asking the right questions can greatly enhance your Airbnb hosting experience. It allows you to understand your guests better, meet their needs, and provide them with a memorable stay. Remember, good communication is the key to a successful Airbnb experience.

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With over six years of short-term rental hosting experience, Karolyn has helped hundreds of guests have an enjoyable experience. I love writing and am passionate about real estate, hospitality, and photography. Karolyn holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism and enjoys sharing her experiences to help others.