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Orphan days

Empty nights in between bookings, for example when guests depart from a weekend stay, but next guests do not arrive till the following weekend.

What are orphan days?

Neon vacancy sign
Neon vacancy sign

Orphan days are days when no guests are staying in a short-term rental unit. They can be caused by many factors out of your control, including a slow season, bad weather, or last-minute cancellation. But it also could be a sign of your property being priced too high for the market or not appealing to guests. Regardless of the reason, orphan days are just a part of owning a short-term rental property.

How do I minimize the number of days my property isn’t rented?

Orphan days can be a challenge for short-term rental owners, as they still have to pay all the associated costs (mortgage, utilities, etc.) even though they are not generating any income. Here are a few ways to deal with orphan days:

  • Offer a discount: If you’re having trouble filling your rental, try offering a discount for last-minute bookings. This can help attract guests who are looking for a bargain.
  • Promote your rental: Use the extra time to take some new photos or make a video tour of your rental. This can help you attract more bookings in the future.
  • Offer a package: If you’re located near attractions or events, try offering a package deal that includes tickets or discounts. This can help you attract guests looking for a complete vacation experience.
  • Get creative: Use orphan days as an opportunity to get creative with your marketing. Try out new promotions or social media campaigns to generate interest in your rental.

How to make the most of your short-term rental during orphan days

There are some silver linings to having your property free of guests. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your orphan days:

  1. Use the time to do necessary maintenance or cleaning that you wouldn’t have time for otherwise. This is a great opportunity to deep clean, do some touch-ups, or even make upgrades that will appeal to future guests.
  2. Take advantage of the peace and quiet by spending some time at the property by yourself! Whether you just want to relax and enjoy the amenities or use the time to get some work done in a peaceful setting, this can be a great opportunity to enjoy your property in a different way.
  3. Use orphan days as an opportunity to improve your marketing to potential guests. If your property listing has some less than impressive photos or poorly worded descriptions, this is the perfect time to give them a refresh.
  4. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the quiet! Sometimes, having a break from the hustle and bustle of hosting guests can be nice. Use the time to recharge your batteries and relax, knowing you’ll be ready to welcome guests again in no time.

With a bit of creativity, orphan days don’t have to be a drag. Use them to your advantage, and you may just find that they become some of your favorite days at your rental property!